Everyday AS-PL tries to prove that high quality products, professional service and values as: responsibility and honesty are extremely important in a professional company. Our achievements are confirmed by awards that we obtained as a result of the company’s development and expanding catalog of business partners and a positive impact on the growth of a local and national economy.

Below we present the most important awards:

100 Kobiet Biznesu 2016
(100 Business Women
award in Poland)
100 Kobiet Biznesu 2017
(100 Business Women
award in Poland)
Orły Wprost 2018
(Eagles of the Wprost)
Gryf Gospodarczy 2018
(Economic Gryf 2018)
Gazele Biznesu 2018
(Business Gazelles 2018)
Orły Wprost 2019
(Eagles of the Wprost)
Diamenty Forebsa 2019
(Forbes Diamond 2019)
Gazele Biznesu 2019
(Business Gazelles 2019)
Gazele Biznesu 2020
(Business Gazelles 2020)
Gryf Gospodarczy 2021
(Economic Gryf 2021)
Gazele Biznesu 2021
(Business Gazelles 2021)