"Safety with Mr. Alternator" campaign with Pomeranian schools


The AS-PL, together with selected Tri-City elementary schools, starts the first edition of the "Safety with Mr. Alternator" campaign, which aims to promote good behavior on the road among children in grades 1-3. Over 800 children received special reflective bands.

Pupils of Primary School No. 65, and Public Primary School No. 29 in Gdańsk, and School and Kindergarten Complex No. 3 in Gdynia received from AS-PL packages consisting of flexible reflective bands and educational posters. The bands ensure high visibility after dark up to 200 meters. 


Recently, the Public Primary School in Lubichowo has also joined the campaign. This school is located in the same place as our Production Plant and over 200 pupils from that school received reflective bands and posters.

In addition, schools received posters to educate pupils about road safety. They contain the most important rules like watching out for other road users (cars, bicycles, scooters) and wearing reflective elements. Posters were hanging in school corridors and classrooms.

We would like to thank the school principals for taking part in the action "Safety with Mr. Alternator". We hope that next year we will be able to donate more schools and contribute to increasing the safety of children and reducing road accidents involving pedestrians.

Below we present photos received from the principals of Primary Schools in the Pomeranian Voivodeship.