Special order

Alternator’s and starter’s cross-section set are available to order, NOW!

AS-PL enables to order of a special alternator’s or starter’s cross-section sets.

The cross-section sets can be used for product promotion, as element of exposition or for educational purposes. This special display unit can be presented in automotive shops, workshops or vocational schools with electro-technical profile as a didactic help for the teaching staff. The set is made in 1:1 scale including movable elements.

Set consists of:

  • 1 pc. of cross-section (alternator no. A0502* or starter no. S0597*) with AS-PL logo,
  • 1 pc. of made of acrylic glass stand (plexi),
  • 1 pc. of plate with a product name and examples of applications.
    * the product can be changed regarding to his availability.

    Don’t hesitate!
    Order the set today!


We encourage to make an order for the sets. Please contact your attendant at AS-PL.

You can also call the number (+48) 58 304 12 85 or write an e-mail at: [email protected]

On a below pictures the example sets of alternator’s and starter’s cross-sections can be seen.