The first year of AS-PL Italia s.r.l. has passed!


Exactly on November 6th, 2019 in Moncalieri near Turin, the opening of AS-PL Italia s.r.l took place. The event was attended by members of the AS-PL Management Board and people involved in the establishment of the branch.

Today is exactly one year since the opening of the branch in Moncalieri near Turin. During this time, interest in AS-PL products in Italy increased several times, which resulted in an increase in sales in this region. Italians appreciate the European quality of the AS brand and often choose alternators and starters from the company's offer.

During the year, the warehouse in Italy has undergone a rebuilding process that resulted in a doubling of pallet places. Additionally, a 3-level entresol was built and 2,500 shelves were installed, which can contain all items from the company's offer.


"We would like to thank everyone who worked for the success of AS-PL Italia" – says Paweł Kotala, Chief Sales Officer at AS-PL.We have put a lot of work into developing the brand in Italy and every day we feel proud of what has been achieved so far. Despite the SARS-CoV-2 epidemic and all the unpleasantness associated with it, we provide our services at the highest level. Every day we make an effort to ensure that our customers can be confident about the next deliveries." – explains Paweł Kotala.





"It was a very intense and busy year" - says Sebastian Wencel, Logistics Director at AS-PL. “We spent many weeks at AS-PL Italia to best adapt the warehouse to an increasing number of orders. Today we can see that our work turned out to be very necessary, and the changes that were made are well appreciated by employees and customers." - sums up Sebastian Wencel.




We would like to wish ourselves many more years of uninterrupted and successful activity of AS-PL Italia.