What is merchandising?

In short, this concept encompasses those marketing activities designed to impact the customers' conduct via an appropriate interior design and presentation of merchandise with a view to stimulating sales.

Merchandising denotes the pursuit of joint activities by trade partners in order to meet customer expectations, optimise efficiency and boost sales and the interest of the recipients, and even to make the customer perceive goods as more valuable.

As regards merchandising, AS-PL provides its clients with:

  • distribution of POSM (Point of Sale Materials), such as leaflets, posters, stickers, roll-ups, etc.
  • arrangements of special product displays, tailor-made to individual order, such as: stands, alternator and starter cross sections, large-format banners, flags, etc.
  • AS-PL Catalogue mobile application
  • marketing support for staging events
  • introduction of new AS-PL products to the product range

What are benefits for AS-PL clients?

  • more visible displays to increase sales
  • ongoing product availability
  • new products in the range
  • 24/7 access to the product catalogue as a mobile application
  • support for sales representatives

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