We have expanded the warehouse and office in AS-PL Italia!


The reconstruction of the AS-PL Italia warehouse in Moncalieri has been completed. It took over 2 months and this investment will be certainly a benefit for current and future customers.

The warehouse space has been enlarged by an additional 500 m2. As a result, the warehouse gained a lot of space, which has been used to store the most popular products in this region. Additionally, a large, comfortable, and modern office space was created. The place meets all needs of the Sales Department and warehouse employees.

Due to the high demand for AS brand products, the zone of packaging have been expanded also. Together with the increase in the number of pallet places from 2,000 to 3,500, it will allow for even more effective product flow in the Italian AS-PL warehouse.

We hope that the investment will be positively assessed by customers. The reconstruction will enable the increase of improvement of many processes. Thanks to this, customers will be able to take advantage of an even wider offer of AS-PL products.