New FAQ tab on the AS-PL website!



The AS-PL website is changing for you! In response to numerous requests, we have launched the FAQ tab, containing a collection of the most frequently asked questions.

The new FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) tab consists of questions that were asked by customers using the AS-PL website and the answers to them. This place was created in cooperation with the employees of the Sales Department, who perfectly know the needs of our customers and the problems they encounter when shopping or looking for the most necessary information.

This tab can be found by clicking on this LINK or by selecting the "Support" button in the top menu and then in the expanded list, the last item - FAQ.

At the moment, we have answered the 13 most frequently asked questions and explained issues that may be problematic or unclear for new customers. There you will find a lot of useful information, e.g. how to find a given product, how to place an order or find invoices and other documents. Most of the answers have been prepared in the form of a movie in English, to even better indicate the solution to your problem.

We hope that the prepared FAQ tab will help you solve most of the issues you are dealing with. However, if there are issues that are not resolved by the new tab, we encourage you to contact your sales representative by e-mail or by phone.