"Alternator Crime Story" - the latest production for the 30th anniversary of AS-PL



The latest movie "Alternator Crime Story" is a sequel to "Alternator Love Story". The premiere was planned for February 1 for a reason. On this day AS-PL Sp. z o.o. celebrates its 30th anniversary.

On February 1, 1992, the Auto-Starter company was registered (since 2017 under the name AS-PL Sp. z o.o.). Danuta and Andrzej Kaszubowscy started their activities by selling alternators and starters stored in their family apartment. During all these years, they managed to create not only a thriving business but also an AS-PL family of over 300 people. Currently, the Company is one of the European leaders in the field of supplying parts and electrical components for vehicles and products of the “AS” brand can be found in about 100 countries around the world. This huge success is due to excellent management, the right ideas and, above all, the trust that is placed in employees at all levels.

The jubilee year is special, so it must be properly celebrated. The success of "Alternator Love Story" and the plans for its continuation make the anniversary the perfect moment for the premiere of the latest production.

"Alternator Crime Story" is a direct continuation of the amazing adventure of Alternator (played by Wojciech Tremiszewski) and his buddy Starter (Radosław Smużny). After their beloved car has been repaired, they meet with members of the classic cars fan club. The event ends very badly - their iconic Volkswagen T3 disappears. The man they met years ago may be responsible for all the fuss. Alternator, Starter and Clamp (Filip Puzyr) organize a mission to find and get back their beloved car.


In 2017, after the huge success of “Alternator Love Story", we were sure that the continuation of the story of Alternator and his friends is only a matter of time - explains Jakub Rewiński, Marketing Manager at AS-PL. It was nice to be back in this universe, but not only because of the attractive story of friends who love iconic cars. The advertisement we created with Mova Film differs significantly from the typical publicity message we see every day on TV or the Internet. As in the previous production, we focused on showing real emotions, which enables us to establish a strong bond with the viewer. The movie is definitely proof that the advertising in an interestingly and engagingly way of the product like alternator or starter is possible- adds Jakub Rewiński




I found myself in the dream situation of every filmmaker - says Mayo Kucharski, writer, and director of Alternator Love Story and Alternator Crime Story. I rarely come across a situation where a client allows us to create something different. During the work at the first part of the movie we got a huge credit of trust, which was risky, but finally had paid off both of us, the creators and AS-PL. The movie achieved its goal and thanks to the discreet product placement of AS-PL is not another advertising production. The viewers appreciated it and we believe that the same will happen in the case of the second part, in which we allowed ourselves to go beyond the next limits of an unconventional approach to the topic – adds Kucharski.




We encourage you to watch firstly "Alternator Love Story" as a reminder and introduction in the amazing atmosphere. Thanks to this during watching "Alternator Crime Story" you will get the best of it.

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