Do You know?!



  • starter S5235 is an alternative to S5093 (10.03.2020)
  • alternator regulator ARE0048 has been replaced by item ARE0032 (10.03.2020)
  • starter armatures SA9027 has been replaced by item SA6028S (10.03.2020)
  • selected products will be marked with a special sticker. It means carrying out a pressure test (load up to two bars) that confirms their tightness (02.01.2020)
  • starter brush holder SBH0057 has been replaced by item SBH0049 (20.11.2019)
  • starter S9079 has been replaced by item S1165S (20.11.2019)
  • alternator A2046 is an alternative to A2055 (20.11.2019)
  • today we have updated the complaint form for clients of AS-PL Sp. z o.o. All interested are invited to read the document (18.09.2019)
  • as a result of continuous development of the company, we introduce a new look of product labels. Currently, the labels are transparent, legible and contain all the necessary data about the product (02.07.2018)
  • we've signed a contract with insurance company Atradius. From now, our debts will be insured and monitored (26.06.2018)
  • we've changed the file format with new products from PDF to XLS, which can be easily imported into the system (25.05.2018)
  • rotor SA3023 has been replaced by items SA3010 and SA3007 (24.04.2018)
  • alternator with the number A4003R has been replaced by the new item in our offer number A4003PR (17.04.2018)