New functionalities on the AS-PL website!


We constantly improve and modify our website. In order to speed up some processes and also make your work easier, we have prepared some new functions which are presented below.

  • A new solution that has appeared as the "Where to buy" tab. It was created especially for people who are looking for the nearest distributor offering AS products. This tab also allows you to find a distributor in a selected place in the world.

To find a distributor closest to your location, click "Where to Buy" on the top menu, then enter your address in the "Find a Distributor Near You" field or click a pin to let the system locate your position.

It is also possible to find a distributor anywhere in the world. Just expand the list in the field under the word "Country" and select the region you are interested in, i.e. Bulgaria. The system will find and show a list of distributors in the country indicated by you.

  • Another improvement introduced on our website is the ability to search for products of AS brand by vehicle type, producer, product type, and its replacement. Increasing the number of filters will improve the search process and increase the chances of finding the most interesting product. After selecting the product (Alternator, Starter, Alternator parts, Bearings and Seals, Starter parts, Ignition, Other) you will see a list of products. The filters that will improve the search process are located on the right side.

We invite you to read the news and share your opinions about them. If you have any suggestions about our site, we would be grateful for the information. Please send messages on this matter at [email protected].