New functionalities in the complaint panel on the AS-PL website!


Modifications that you may notice on our website concern the complaint panel. We improved some options and changed the view of the complaint list. Below we will list all the new features in the complaint panel:

  • Added the ability to sort and filter by date, RMA, product, invoice number, user ID and complaint status. This will improve the search for complaints and make the list more readable.

  • The single complaint view has been improved. From now on, the description of the realization will also be added in English. The "Additional comments" field has been added, which is used to clarify the technical verification, and if the product is sent back to the customer, information about the date of shipment of the product.

  • Customers who would like to submit a greater number of complaints can do so using the specially prepared tab "Load from file". First, download the template and complete the file with the required information. The completed template should be added to the system by clicking on "Select file" and selecting it from the computer or by dragging the file.

The system will verify the data and automatically send the application to the Complaints Department. In the case of irregularities in the prepared file, the system will inform with a short message which item from the declaration requires correction.

We invite you to read the news and share your opinions about them. If you have any suggestions about our site, we would be grateful for the information. Please send messages on this matter at [email protected].