„Lubichowska Perła” for AS-PL


On March 10, the „Lubichowska Perła” award ceremony took place. The prize appreciated the work and commitment of the local companies in the social life of the inhabitants of the Lubichowo Commune. Among many others, AS-PL was awarded in the Economy category.

The event took place at the Lubichowo Municipal Office. The award for AS-PL in a form of a statuette has been collected by Production Director, Michał Czarzasty, and the Director of Logistics, Marcin Lewicki. The laureates of the "Lubichowska Perła" received prizes in the form of board games and puzzles, which were handed over to the Principal of the Public Kindergarten in Lubichowo.

AS-PL was awarded for contribution and commitment to the development of the local community. The AS-PL Production Plant was opened in 2016 and currently employs 187 people. Most of the employees are residents of Lubichowo and the surrounding area. The company is very willing to engage in the activities of the local community, trying to support areas that are of great importance to the residents. Some of these activities include financial support of the book "Lubichowo that you do not know", popular running events "Leśne Wandry", as well as the traditional celebration organized on the occasion of the end of the harvest.

The company was also involved in promoting good behavior on the road. The action "Safety with Mr. Alternator" was conducted among children in grades 1-3 of Public Primary School in Lubichowo, who received a package of 200 reflective bands and educational posters.

On behalf of the Management Board of AS-PL Sp. z o.o., all employees of the Production Plant in Lubichowo, employees from Gdańsk, Italy and Great Britain, we would like to thank you very much for this award. We are proud to be able to create and be part of this beautiful community. We hope that our future activities will serve you, and the AS-PL company will always be a friend of the Lubichowo Commune.

Photo: Maciej Klamann