The social campaign "Be responsible! Keep your hands on the wheel"



From Thursday, April 1, the action “Be responsible! Keep your hands on the wheel” was initiated by the AS-PL, in cooperation with ODTJ Autodrom Pomorze. It was organized due to the research conducted by the Police and one of the leading insurance companies about the improper use of the telephone while driving. 

The authors of the police report from July 2020 inform that there is an accident on the road every quarter of an hour in Poland on average.  One of the reasons is incorrect to use of the phone while driving. Research commissioned by one of the leading insurance companies shows that 67% of Polish drivers talk while driving a car with the phone to their ear, and 6% of them have had an accident or collision in the past with a direct cause of the use of a smartphone while driving.

The Polish Police may impose a fine of PLN 200 on a driver who is speaking on the phone in an inappropriate way while driving a vehicle. However, despite high fines and modern systems that cars are equipped with, drivers still use phones while driving, operate with their hands or by the ear.

Analyzing the above data and situations on the road, AS-PL, in cooperation with the ODTJ Autodrom Pomorze, organized the action "Be responsible! Keep your hands on the wheel”, which is to pay attention to this important problem. In order to contribute to lowering the very high results reported by the Police and the insurance company, AS-PL purchased special phone holders that are mounted to the ventilation grille next to the steering wheel of the car. Together with a specially prepared brochure, they are received by drivers who take part in training at the professional ODTJ in Pszczółki. 

We encourage you to use your phones responsibly while driving. Currently, there are many practical gadgets and tools on the market that allow you to talk and use smartphones safely. We should all take care of the safety on the road, our own, and other road users.

Let's set an example and use the phone in the right way while driving!

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