At AS-PL Sp. z o.o. we strive to develop our company in a stable, sustainable and safe manner. Our values and decisions are based on the long term development perspective for both the company and its employees. The company is professionally managed and it significantly contributes to local and regional economies. We reduce the negative impact of our activities on the natural environment by managing the waste produced in the regeneration process and reducing plastic consumption throughout the company.

I should be noted that our path to success has not been strewn with roses. It took great determination in overcoming obstacles as well as self-confidence of founders and personnel of the company to achieve its current market position.



At AS-PL, we believe that employees are our competitive advantage and we are proud of their experience, knowledge, and skills. We strive to ensure that working atmosphere built on mutual respect, honesty, and cooperation gives the opportunity to fully use talents and abilities of our employees.

Our company values:

  • Partnership - identification of employees with the AS-PL company, creative and effective cooperation for the benefit of clients and associates, caring for the good image of the company both at work and outside, nurturing business contacts, clarity of relations between employees.
  • Development - improvement of employees at all levels, organizations, processes and technologies. It is important to create a comfortable workplace where everyone has the right conditions to perform their duties.
  • Respect - making decisions and taking actions that do not violate the dignity of others. We are guided by respect when building relationships with clients and employees. We respect the diversity and equality of all employees and associates, regardless of their nationality, race, gender, age, religion, political or sexual orientation.
  • Transparency - clear actions and understandable communication in relations with business partners or employees.

We provide our employees with access to all information necessary for the proper performance of their tasks.



Are you ambitious and looking for an interesting job full of new challenges? At AS-PL you will find your place! If you are interested in contacting key customers, creating unique marketing content, developing in the IT department, or maybe working in a modern warehouse or a production hall? All this and more can be found at AS-PL! Join us and see for yourself that work can be pleasant and you will be happy to come back to it.