Changes in the AS-PL purchasing platform!


We are pleased to inform you about the new functions on our platform. The changes will facilitate the use of the shopping cart and reduce the time of placing an order on the website.

Below we list the most important changes:

From now on, it is possible to collectively remove items that are not available in the basket. To reduce the order with unavailable items, click the "Remove out of stock items" button above the list of ordered products. After that, the order will be reduced to the quantity that is currently available in our warehouse.

After reducing the order, it is possible to generate a report that will tell you which product has been removed and in what amount. It is possible after clicking the "Remove out of stock items" button, and then "Download" in the "Report" tab.

This option is useful for those of you who want to place a backorder with an employee of the Sales Department. The generated report will certainly speed up the placement of such an order.

In the future, we plan to add a few more amenities, including:

  • the ability to place backorders from the purchasing platform,
  • view of backorders with approximate completion dates for each product,
  • many others about which we will inform immediately.

We hope that the introduced solutions will meet your expectations and facilitate the use of the AS-PL platform. How else could we improve our website? What else could we do for you to make the use of it more pleasant? We are waiting for your suggestions at