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The video below shows some ways to find reference numbers.


Enter the dimensions of the product you are looking for in the box on the right. Remember to enter sizes a few millimeters larger - by entering very accurate data, you may have problems finding the part you are interested in.


You can find all components for a given product by expanding the list on the right. You can also do this by clicking on the OE number - search for it above the product features.


Only selected customers can switch between warehouses (located in Poland and Italy). This can be done by clicking on the name of the warehouse at the top of the page.


There are various products in the AS-PL catalog. Some of them have additional symbols by the product number.

Below we explain what some of them mean:

  • E – A brand new product in version
  • S – A brand new product in version
  • P – A brand new product in version
  • ER – A remanufactured product of the AS-PL brand in version
  • SR – A remanufactured product of the AS-PL brand in version
  • PR – A remanufactured product of the AS-PL brand in version

A detailed list of all product numbering system is available here.



For each product in our online store, there are stock markings, which are divided into 3 colors:

    •   Green – indicates that the product is available in the following quantities:
      • over 100 items for component parts,
      • more than 10 pieces of the alternators and starters.
    •   Olive – indicates that the product is available in the following quantities
      • in the range 1-99 for the component parts*,
      • in the range of 1-9 of the alternators and starters*.
    •   Red –  the product is out of stock
*In the case of the olive color, the exact number of available products in stock is given.



You can import a file by clicking on the basket symbol and selecting the "Load from file" option or by hovering the cursor over the basket and selecting this option from the expanded window. We suggest using the CSV file format..


Download files, such as multimedia presentations, advertising materials, and videos, can be found in the "Media" > "Download" tab.


A file with full instructions on how to make a complaint can be found here.
It can also be found in the "Support" >"Complaint form" tab on our website.



We have three product statuses in our online store:

    • Active – his means the product is on offer, but not necessarily in stock.
    • Under development – which means that the product is in the design phase. We are trying to make it join the offer soon. Let us know if you want to implement this product faster.
    • Discontinued - which means that the product has been discontinued from the offer.



Detailed instructions can be found in the instructional video below.



All sales documents (invoices, warehouse documents, orders, complaints) can be found in the Customer Profile. All you need to do is hover the cursor over its name after logging into your account (right side of the screen). The list of available options will expand automatically. By clicking on the individual buttons, you will have access to all the necessary documents.


Sometimes it may happen that the products ordered by customers include those that are temporarily unavailable in our warehouses. To submit an intention to purchase these products at a later date, generate a special file and send it to the sales manager who will enter this product on the "Back Order" list. Detailed instructions available in the following video will explain step by step where to find and how to generate this file.